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Professional Head Lice Inspection Service

Many customers that visit our lice treatment center have been misdiagnosed by a school nurse, camp representative, or family member. Save time, money, and aggravation by allowing our trained professionals to check for head lice before you begin any treatment

Head lice inspection - $10 per person (waived if treatment is needed)

Professional Head lice Removal Service

The best Houston head lice treatment service:

Affordable - One flat rate includes all product and treatment costs. No hidden/hourly fees here!

✔ Complete Service - We take the hassle out of treatment and will not send you home to continue treatment. You will leave our facility head lice free.

✔ Guaranteed Results - We have an unparalleled success rate, but should you need additional treatment we offer unlimited inspections/treatments for 30 days.

✔ Certificate of Treatment - Get your child back into school or camp immediately with our certificate of treatment.

Men/Boys - $75 per person

Women/Girls - $120 per person

For the best Houston head lice treatment, schedule an appointment today!